Sanyo ECJ-F50S – Micro-Computerized 5-cup Rice Cooker and Steamer

This is the 5-cup version of the Sanyo ECJ series. Sanyo ECJ-F50S rice cooker is only slightly smaller than my favorite best rice cooker the ECJ-D55S, which has 5.5 cup capacity.


I would recommend you this model if you prefer a thicker titanium-coated non stick inner pot. Sanyo ECJ-F50S has a 3.5 mm coating while ECJ-D55S rice cooker has a slightly thinner coating at 2.5 mm.

Sanyo ECJ-F50S Rice Cooker Review

Basically that’s the only difference between the two models: capacity and thickness of titanium coating. Oh, and probably the price. While I’m writing this review, ECJ-D55S rice cooker is at a lower price than this model.

Sanyo ECJ-F50S is just as good at cooking all sorts of rice, porridge and oatmeal. The fuzzy logic technology will give you a faultless rice dish anytime, with all the functions and controls a more expensive Zojirushi cooker will give you. It’s also a good steamer for your veggie dishes.

I find the timer a great feature, as the rice is always ready at the right time. Although like all the rice cookers from Sanyo ECJ series, the timer shows 00:00 at noon, which can be kinda confusing if you didn’t know it at first.

All users absolutely loved Sanyo ECJ-F50S for being so easy to clean. Just pop out the inner lid and vent to wipe clean. Only steam comes out of the vent so no worries about liquid starch spills all over the rice cooker and countertop. One reviewer helpfully pointed out that adding a little butter can prevent oatmeal from boiling over too.

This can be a good gift for your mother or wife because they’ll enjoy such simple yet advanced rice cooking and soon you’ll be eating perfect rice dishes!