Elkay Kitchen Sinks

An eco-responsible company earns the respect of customers around the world. That is why Elkay, a stainless steel kitchen sinks manufacturer, has been able to retain the title thanks to satisfied customers for over 90 years. Based in Chicago, this all-American company has been able to brand itself since the 1920s as a company that can satisfy the needs of its customers one stainless steel sink at a time. And since it is a family-owned company, the vision behind Elkay is different than its competitor’s. The Elkay family is 5.000 employees-strong, making it one of the largest stainless steel products manufacturers of the world.

Founded by a father and a son, the company was set out to challenge the way the industry viewed the kitchen, which back then it was considered a place where you would just do basic cooking and washing tasks. But by creating interesting sinks, the company transformed the kitchen sink into a versatile tool that served more than just the common tasks that Americans were used to accomplish in the kitchen.

And so that’s is how Leopold Katz and his son Louis started to create what today is considered some of the most elegant sinks currently available in the market. It is no surprise that vendors and home designers tend to pick Elkay over any other brands at the moment of remodeling their customers’ kitchens. Elkay was able to make this happen by creating intricate but clean-looking stainless sinks that add great looks to any kitchen, whether modern or traditional.

Using recyclable materials, Elkay creates stainless kitchen sinks with such delicate round corners that no other brands have been able to accomplish, allowing many homeowners to upgrade their homes so that they have a more industrial look and feel. And by creating their stainless sinks with traditional finishes, an Elkay sink will always find a home in any kitchen decor, regardless of the material of your countertop.

Some of Elkay’s stainless sinks models designed to be engraved with interesting patterns, making these the first sinks ever to be finished according to the customer’s taste and overall kitchen decoration. For example, among some of the most popular patterns that the company offers are: the Bon Appetit, which is elegantly printed inside the bowl of your choice; the Cornerstone, which is engraved on the back wall of your stainless sink as well as the Garland Kitchen; and one called Vino, which is a round pattern of wine glasses printed on the inside of your bowl.

These unique customizations are intended to give you full control over your overall kitchen design. It is also meant to help you accomplish the look that you are looking for without having to replace most of your kitchen appliances and other accessories. This cost-saving service is offered to the customer at an additional fee, however, but each and every penny is worth in making your stainless steel sinks yours, becoming a great conversation piece in any family.

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