Automatic Knives on Sale

Automatic knives are most commonly used by individuals in the military and a vast majority of the knives are not allowed to be purchased by civilians – especially those that are not in the military. Automatic knives can be a great tool for situations that require you quickly withdraw your blade and when you do not have time for a folding blade. There is a reason why many in the military chose automatic knives over folding knives and other varieties – they are excellent in combat situations and for quick uses when time is a priority.


Not everyone company makes automatic knives, and typically only companies that concentrate on offering top of the line outdoors and military or combat style knives will have a collection of automatic knives and switchblades available. These knives are meant to be dependable and quick to spring into action. There are a number of different types of automatic knives with the most common style of automatic knife being the switchblade. These are outlawed to civilians because the blade of the knife is enclosed in the handle until the trigger button is pushed, causing the blade to shoot out of the end of the handle into its locked position. Side-opening knives are quite common and are available for anyone to purchase because they do not present as much of a threat as switchblades.

There are essentially two types of automatic knives. There is the side opening automatic knife, which can be purchased by anyone, and there is the switchblade which is commonly reserved for individuals who are involved in law enforcement and for individuals that are in the military. These blades present a substantial risk to the user if they are not paying attention to how they are handling the knife, which is one of the main reasons why they are not available on the open market.

Benchmade Knives are regarded as some of the highest quality automatic knives on the market. They offer a number of different automatic knives, both in the side opening and switchblade variety. Benchmade Automatic Knives are known for their low prices and high quality product. Many of their knives feature their patented AXIS lock system, which gives the blade a sturdy hold on its position when it is not folded in.

Boker is another company that offers top of the line automatic knives. Their knives are typically side opening, but they also offer a plethora of different automatic knives that are part of their Boker Kalashinikov line. Based in Germany, Boker Knives has been building a name for themselves for decades with their low priced, high quality knives that have become favorites of many who are in search of high quality automatic blades.

Another popular style of automatic knife is the OTF Automatic knife. It is an awesome switchblade knife that is regarded as one of the best switchblades for the price. It is on the cheaper end of the automatic knife spectrum, but has received rave reviews from a majority of its users. It is light weight, which makes it a popular option for individuals in the military and across the globe.

Automatic knives have become increasingly popular in recent year sand although they are not legal for everyone to own in the United States, they are still a popular choice for many around the world. Side opening automatic knives can be purchased by anyone, but the switchblade variety is only available for individuals that fall within a range of different professions that could require its use. They are excellent for self defense because the blade can quickly be deployed during situations where time is of the essence.