How to 360 Flip for Beginners

Learning how to 360 flip is something only an intermediate to advanced skater should attempt.

How to skateboard for beginners 360 flip

The foot placement for the 360 flip is very unique and different than most tricks. You want your front foot in position as if you were to do an ollie or a kickflip. With your back foot, you want your toes to be handing off the edge a little bit, with your foot right in the pocket.

Its easier for me to do this switch, so if youd like to learn how to switch 360 flip, you may find this trick easier to do. The reason I say learn how to 360 flip switch style is because its actually your back foot that does most of the work here.

Once you get comfortable switching your foot position to these spots while rolling you we can see what goes on during the execution of this skateboard trick.

Now this web site is for the most part to learn how to skateboard for beginners. So bear in mind as this may get some what complicated for beginners just getting into skateboarding.

When learning how to 360 flip on a skateboard its best that you attempt it over a small ledge. The reason being that it gives you more time to execute this trick. It takes some practice and you may need more airtime on your skateboard to learn it.

OK now with your feet in position youll pop the board just like you do when learning how to ollie or how to kickflip. With your back foot youre going to scoop the board back. Youre front foot is going to act just like you would when doing the kickflip.

Your front foot pushing out, and your back foot scooping and pulling in the skateboard. Opposite directions if you can picture it.

So bear with me as I know these how to skateboard tricks are semi complicated.

The main thing here in this 360 flip trick is the pop, flick, and scoop all at the same time. One of the things that makes this skateboarding trick as opposed to other skateboarding tricks is that both feet are doing completely different things.

Practice this trick as much as you can. Its difficult to learn Ill admit, but its not difficult to do once you understand the proper motions to go through. Just like learning how to kickflip before you realized the flick it seemed much more difficult.

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